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Dear friend,

If you’ve been looking for a revolutionary NEW pen concept, then you are on the right page!

But first, I’m going to make a prediction about you:

I predict that as soon as you see this mechanism …you’re going to say to yourself, “How come no one ever thought of this before?”.

As far as I know the pen mechanism I’m about to reveal to you has never been done before.

I will admit right now that the mechanism — which I’ll get into in just a second — is simple. Which is a good thing. Simple means there is less to go wrong.

But the simple and unique mechanism is just the start — there is a LOT more to this pen.

I call this pen the ClickShift™:

Now let’s jump right into the details…

Never-Before-Seen Mechanism

The ClickShift™ mechanism is what gives this pen a true “X” factor.

Not only did it take me quite some time — not to mention a ton of banging-my-head-against-the-wall — to design and refine the mechanism…but the CNC machining of it also proved a little tricky.

I’d love to tell you I “nailed it” first time. But I would be lying.

After the initial prototype was made we had to test, tweak and re-machine a number of versions of the mechanism to really get it dialed in (I’ll probably reveal more about this to you in the Project Updates section).

We eventually got there and all the blood, sweat and tears were ultimately worth it.

The mechanism works even better than I had hoped (and I’m a fairly optimistic guy!).

Every Component Precision CNC Machined (From Grade 5 Titanium)

Every component of the ClickShift™ (and I mean every single component!) is precision machined from Grade 5 Titanium.

Not just the tip, barrel and pocket clip either. I’m also talking about the screws that hold the pocket-clip on, the spring AND the entire custom-designed mechanism.

We import the raw titanium stock for the ClickShift™ and machine it on our own CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Machine.

The two titanium screws that hold the pocket-clip on are the only components we don’t machine in-house (they require a very specialized machine — which we do not have — and so we have these made by someone in the USA for us).

Other than the screws everything is 100% under our control. From the raw stock to the final, finished pen it’s done in our workshop.

Ultra-Smooth Mechanism

I will be flat-out honest with you here…

When I designed the mechanism I was hopeful that it would work with just the raw titanium. It did work for a little while - but soon started to lose its smoothness.

I was half-expecting the titanium-on-titanium would do this (if you’re a little geeky about titanium like me, then this effect is called“galling”).

So I used a process I’ve used before to coat the 3-part internal mechanism with a VERY durable and smooth ceramic coating.

I do the process myself in-house (I like to have full control over these kind of things).

(NOTE: The photos on this project page show the mechanism without the ceramic coating - so you can see details of the mechanism better)

Titanium Spring

I could be wrong here but…

As far as I know I’m still the only guy in the world to precision machine the pen spring from titanium (almost everyone else uses bog-standard, off the shelf steel springs).

We used custom machined titanium springs on our bolt-action and click pens - and this new ClickShift™ also has CNC machined titanium spring.

Not only that, but the spring is unique to the ClickShift™ pen. Because of the nature and movement of the ClickShift™ mechanism it requires a spring specifically designed with just the right characteristics.

Is it a hassle to make?


Is it worth it?


Machined Pocket Clip

You’ve probably already figured this out, but I don’t make any compromises when designing and making pens. I use the best materials I can and the best methods I can.

Most pen makers will opt for a stamped-and-bent pocket clip. Yes,doing this results in a functional clip (and probably a lower-price-point) - but it’s not for me.

No mass-production style methods are used here (not even on the pocket clip).

The pocket clip is not an afterthought - it is a functional and visually important part of the ClickShift™.

We take as much care the design, machine and finish the pocket clip as with any other component of the pen.

Incredibly “Fidget-able”

You’ve probably already figured this out already, but the ClickShift™ is a very (VERY) fidget-able pen.

The smoothness of the action combined with the crisp, clean “click” is horribly addictive.

WARNING: You are likely to annoy your co-workers with your clicking of the pen (but hey, they might just give you your own office!)

Finger Grooves

I’ve machined grooves into the body of the pen to help with grip when writing.

I have a confession though:

Even if the ClickShift™ did not have finger grooves you would find there is enough grip just with the Matte surface finish alone.

One thing I did do specifically on the grooves was space them fairly close together. This give the pen a more technical and precise look visually.

100% Waterproof

Some ink refills can write underwater.

If you buy one of those refills, then the ClickShift™ will function perfectly well underwater for you.

For most people this perhaps sounds a little over-the-top.

But I’ve had scuba-divers as customers and this critical for them.

You probably don’t need the ClickShift™ to be 100% waterproof - but it’s there for you if you need it.

Disassemble By Hand (No Tools Required)

I designed the ClickShift™ so it could be disassembled and re-assembled without requiring any tools (apart from the pocket-clip which does require a Torx driver for the small titanium screws).

Unscrewing the tip is all you need to do to access the mechanism. The spring, refill, lower-piston and “ball” can then be removed.

Putting it back together is done simply by putting the components back in the reverse order. Simple.

Maintenance Free

Because of the simplicity of the ClickShift™ mechanism — as well as the ceramic coating — this pen requires zero maintenance.

I will admit that the mechanism has a slightly open design - so there is a chance pocket-lint gets in there over time.

But, because of the simplicity of disassembly and re-assembly, you’ll have it cleaned and back together in less than 60 seconds.

Accepts Parker-Style Refills

As with our popular Bolt-Action and Click pens we’ve opted for the ever-popular and easily available Parker-style refills.

Here’s a list of just some of the refills you can use with this pen…

  • Faber-Castell Ballpoint Pen Refill
  • Fisher Space Pen Refill, PR Series- Colors (Bold, Medium, Fine)
  • Fisher Space Pen – Universal Ballpoint Refill
  • Monteverde Ceramic Gel Refill (Broad)
  • Monteverde Needle Point Refill (Fine)
  • Monteverde Soft Roll- Colored inks (Medium)
  • Monteverde Soft Roll- (Superbroad, Medium, Ultrafine)
  • OHTO Needlepoint Ballpoint Pen Refill PS-107NP
  • OHTO PS-205NP Extra-Fine 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen Refill
  • Parker Ballpoint Pen Refill (Broad, Medium, Fine)
  • Parker GEL Ballpoint Pen Refill (Medium)
  • Parker Quickflow Ballpoint Pen Refill (Medium, Fine)
  • Pelikan Giant Ballpoint Pen Refill 337 (Broad, Fine, Medium)
  • Pentel KFLT8 Ballpoint Pen Refill
  • Tombow BR-ZLM Ballpoint Pen Refill
  • Visconti Ballpoint Pen Refill AA49 1.4 (Broad)
  • Visconti Gel Refill (Broad, Medium, Fine)

As long as your refill is in the style below - it will fit!

Matte Surface Finish

We’re known for our famous Matte surface finish.

Yeah, I know, “Matte” doesn’t really sound very fancy - but that’s just what we call it.

The actual process involves a multi-stage process of “tumbling”. After the components have come off the CNC machine …they are sanded, deburred and tumbled.

The end result is a unique surface finish that is fairly (but not perfectly) scratch resistant.

9.5mm Diameter Body (3/8” or 0.375”)

If you’re familiar with my work, then you’ll know I’ve designed and released three previous pens (and one mechanical pencil) ..and every one has been 9mm (0.35”) diameter.

Compared to other pens on the market these are regarded as fairly slim. The ClickShift™ is my first step into a slightly thicker body - it is 9.5mm (0.375”) diameter.

Yes, it is just 5.5% thicker than my previous pens - but this increased diameter is noticeable when writing. If you like your pen to feel a little more substantial when writing, then this is the pen for you.

Dimensions and Weight

I mentioned earlier that the ClickShift™ is the first pen I’ve made with a body diameter of 9.5mm (0.375”).

It’s also the longest pen I’ve made. The ClickShift™ is a little longer than our previous pens - it's length is 132mm (5.20”).

Although the ClickShift™ is larger overall - it’s only slightly heavier than our previous pens and weighs just 25g (0.88 oz.).

Made Entirely In-House

My pens are at the higher end of the market in terms of quality and price.

Because we make no compromises in the design and machining of the ClickShift™ - the price is higher than most other pens.

And, being totally honest with you here, doing everything in-house(as opposed to outsourcing to other countries) does have an effect on the cost to produce such a pen as the ClickShift™.

The result is a pen that not everyone can justify - but I’m not going to compromise just to try and hit a “price point”. That’s just not my style. It’s either the best …or nothing.

One more thing...

Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails and messages I receive all the time from Customers about our Titanium Pens:

"I just received my Click Pen and I must say I’m beyond impressed. There are no words to describe it. From the super-fast shipping to the beautiful presentation box...and of course the pen itself. As a repeat customer, you can’t put a price on quality and craftsmanship."

Chris M. -- California, USA

“The One” pen has proven to be a similarly vital component of my EDC loadout. I work in an office in an environment (Air Force Base) that requires me to carry and display my credentials throughout the day; I use a semi-custom badge/ID holder for this. This holder has a couple of pockets (slots, really) to accommodate small items; one of the things I like to have on my person at all times is a pen. Most small pens are made of inferior materials and use cartridges that are less than ideal. Your “One” pen is small enough to fit in my credentials holder (but large enough to be comfortable to use), is constructed of top-notch materials, and uses one of my very favorite refills. Obviously the fit & finish on your stuff is miles beyond the competition…I’ve been carrying and using the pen for a couple of years and it still looks pristine.

Jim H. -- Oklahoma, USA

"I just received my Titanium “Click” Pen and I couldn't be happier with is. It is light and well balanced. The attention to detail is evident from the the grip to the perfectly functioning click mechanism. If someone is looking for the perfect writing tool, they need to get this pen.

Thank you for the communication during this process and the extremely fast shipping."

- Paul C. -- Colorado, USA 

"Hi, just wanted to let you know my two Titanium pens have arrived. Worth waiting for... You can probably hear me scream of delight all the way from Sweden! Marvelous pen! I expected it to be a bit larger but the size is just perfect! Just wow! Thanks a lot, and to impossible high standards!"

- Richard B. -- Listerby, Sweden 

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to rave about my The One Click Pen. To start I love pens and I like having nice writing instruments around. My passion started with 20 to 30 dollar pens but was always left thinking there could be more. Then I finally stepped up to a 100 dollar pen and it was great but the inside mechanism repeatedly failed. I did some research online and found The One Click Pen made entirely out of titanium. My first thought was dude you have spent a 100 dollars before and was left wanting a better experience are you sure you are ready to go up to the 180 dollar mark to try to find that one pen (no pun intended) that will make you confident in your purchase. Well after using the one pen a I can say this pen is truly a functional work of art. I enjoy this pen when I am looking at it in its upright stand and I even more enjoy this pen when I write with it. I want to thank you for making a product that meets my incredibly high standards. The experience was even more complimented by a great customer service experience, they answered my questions quickly and were knowledgably. I will definitely buy future products.”

- Che H. -- Washington, USA 

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