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Finally, the ultimate pocket-sized titanium storage cache...

"The Ultimate Pocket-Sized,
High-End Titanium Storage
For Your Everyday Carry!

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for the ultimate mini titanium storage cache, then you've just found it!

Now, before I continue, I have a confession:

I didn't plan to keep making what I'm about toreveal to you. This is happening because my email inbox EXPLODED with emails from people DEMANDING I make this new design!

Let me explain...

3 weeks ago I revealed (on my blog) a new prototype Titanium box I had designed for fitting into "that little square pocket" you have on your jeans.

I didn't give that blog post much thought after publishing it.

But I woke up in the morning to discover the comments section of my website was on fire with people going crazy over this thing!

How do I know these are going to sell out?

Because I posted the CandyCan™ prototype on my blog recently - and these were some of the responses:

Long story short:

Turns out this unassuming little box - which I named the CandyCan™ - is a big hit.

I got straight to work and manged to make 20 of these CandyCans™  over the next week. I then put them on my website for sale. And...

I could not believe it. All 20 of these sold out in minutes.

But it gets worse...

I then received a boat load of emails from people who were pretty damn angry they had missed the chance to get their CandyCan™.

And so, some time after releasing that now infamous blog post, the CandyCan™ is once again now available to YOU...

Let's get into the details...

Precision CNC-Machined

The CandyCan™is precision CNC machined from solid billets of Grade 5 Titanium.

The titanium "blanks" start out at around 133g (4.7oz). We then machine away 73% of the material to leave the weight of the CandyCan™ at 36g (1.2oz).

Here's a quick 57-second video of the making of the CandyCan™ (a lot of details have been left out - but you should get the idea)...


The CandyCan™ is designed to be pocket-friendly - so it is fairly compact.

The internal dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 43mm (1.70")
  • Width: 25mm (1.0")
  • Height: 8.5mm (0.33")

Matte Finish

The CandyCan™ will receive my somewhat famous Matte surface finish.

Not only does our proprietary surface finishing process round the corners and edges of the CandyCan™  to make it feel amazing in your hand ...but the surface finish gives it a degree of scratch-resistance for everyday use.

Internal Texturing

I'll be honest here...

I could have left the inside of the CandyCan™ with a normal, flat look.

However, the obsessive-compulsive personality flaws I have just couldn't leave it alone and I just had to add some "little details" in there:

Friction Fit Lid

I have done an absolute TON of testing on the fitment of the lid on the CandyCan™.

The lid fits on with friction alone - there are no o-rings or clips or anything like that. This keeps it simple and reliable.

I'll let you in on a secret here:

We match each lid to a specific base to attain the perfect fit - not too loose and not too tight.

Not Just For Candy

You can put candy in your CandyCan™ - but I expect most people will be putting other things in it.

These can include medication, mints, coins, etc.

Made in New Zealand

The CandyCan™ is made entirely here in my workshop in New Zealand.

We import the raw titanium ourselves and we do the manufacturing all the way through to finished product.

Now, before I continue...

I  think it’s important you know what it's like to before you buy something like the CandyCan™ from me.

Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails  and messages I receive all the time from Customers:

YES! I'm Ready To Order My

Titanium CandyCan™ RIGHT NOW

I understand this is the first time the CandyCan™ has been available in over six months (and that it will likely not be available again for some time).

Finally, I am aware that if the button below says "SOLD OUT", then I have missed this.
I am clicking the Order Now button below to guarantee I get my CandyCan™ High-End Titanium Storage Cache RIGHT NOW

To impossibly high standards,


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